There are no other fees to join the World Cruising Society. You can earn great commissions lowering the cost of your vacation or just earning extra income. There are no contracts to sign and you can leave at anytime


The World Cruising Society in now offering motivated individuals the opportunity to earn additional income by selling cruises, vacation packages, hotels, resorts and other travel to their family, friends, co-workers, church and organization.  There are some individuals that travel a great deal and can use this opportunity to earn commissions to reduce the cost of their own travel.

It’s a natural income producer for seniors, disabled people and just about anyone who wants to earn additional income. It’s a natural safeguard against layoffs and general unemployment. The travel business is pretty much recession proof and you can do it no matter your age.

We will give you access to free training sites where you can learn to sell any kind of travel learn more about your favorite destination.  You can learn and earn at your own pace and it will not interfere with your full-time job. You will become an independent travel representative, affiliated with the World Cruising Society.

Please do not confuse this offer with the multi-level-marketing programs that are out there. We don’t provide income or other benefits to recruit other individuals. Of course you are free to invite a friend to sell travel as you probably will do.

We also do not provide photo ID cards in order for you to deceive hotels and other suppliers in believing you are a full-time professional travel agent when in fact you are a commissioned travel representative. 

We are not a host agency. We merely provide access to as much training as you want from 3rd party websites. Our support is limited to your specific bookings.

We know from experience that individuals who start off with this program will probably get the travel “bug” and want to spend more of their time developing a professional travel business and will desire more support, training and education. As a member of the World Cruising Society you will always have the opportunity to move up to additional levels on the way to becoming a professional travel agent. Once you reach the point where you want to become a professional travel agent, we will recommend you visit www.americashostagencyonline.com.   

There are no fees of any kind ever to join the World Cruising Society. There are no contracts to sign and we make it easy for you to claim your commission. Everyone on this program begins at the 50% level and can move up as you reach the various commission plateaus.


Under $2000 commissions earned, your split is 50%

$2001 - $5000 commissions earned, your split is 60%

$5001 and above commissions earned, your split is 70-80%

* Earned within a one year period. Once you reach a level, you can never go backwards.



Upon making the initial deposit to the supplier you will email, fax or slow mail a copy of your booking confirmation to the World Cruising Society. Be sure your full name and membership ID appears on the confirmation. Commissions are paid within 30 days of travel and the supplier has paid the commission. Payments are made twice a month by check payable to the individual or company whose name appears on the W9 form that you will submit prior to the first commission check being mailed to you.


  When making the final payment to a supplier, you must pay the GROSS amount requested even if it’s your personal travel.  Some suppliers provide an amount to be paid before or after deducting the commission. NEVER, EVER pay that NET amount. You may be subject to immediate termination and the entire travel reservation cancelled by us. Earning our share of the commission is our main form of revenue. Without it, we could not stay in business.

The World Cruising Society escrows 80% of all commissions received from suppliers. No other Agency escrows its commissions for its Representatives. This is to insure our agents that no matter what happens to the World Cruising Society you will always receive your commission.

Confirmations sent to the WCS for proof of commissions may be sent to the following.

EMAIL:  worldcruisingsociety@gmail.com

FAX:  407-479-3461 ATTN: WCS

REGULAR MAIL: World Cruising Society

                               1165 Riverbend Drive

                                LaBelle, Florida, 33935


Your application, completed online, once received may take up to 72 hours to process. 




World Cruising Society

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